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Benchmark & Insights

Define your local middle market, plan for expansion, and so much more

The Value of the Holleran Benchmark

Benchmarking is a standard best practice for organizations aspiring to excellence. It is the process of comparing your organization against best-in-class peers. Holleran's benchmark consists of the country's best Life Plan Communities from virtually every state. We also maintain separate benchmarks for employee, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Affordable Housing, and Discharge.  Looking at your resident and employee engagement survey scores without a benchmark comparison means you are not getting the complete picture of your results. Holleran's benchmark is updated on a regular basis, meaning the comparisons are based on recent scores from peer communities. In addition, the benchmark comparisons allow organizations to see where they excel and provide a powerful marketing tool to be used with prospective residents and employees.

We’ve been creating new knowledge for over three decades.

“Research is creating new knowledge.”
Neil Armstrong

Independent Living
Resident Benchmark


surveys collected during the last three years

Senior Living Employee


surveys collected during the last three years

Assisted Living / Personal Care Benchmark



across all factors and methodologies

Over 300 client partners nationwide, in 36 states and Canada.

Choice Community Award

Every Holleran client partner should strive to earn the Choice Community Award. The Choice Community Award recognizes organizations with strong cultures of engagement, whether that be among their residents, employees, or both. Awards are granted by exceeding Holleran’s National Benchmark by earning an average above the 85th percentile.

Click below to see a list of the most recent award winners.

Data Collection

Research doesn’t start with a spreadsheet. It begins with personal interactions. Our data collection team creates real connections between people, gaining insights into their perceptions.

The best way to understand how someone feels is to talk to them. This is especially true when trying to measure engagement. The point at which data is collected is just as important as the analysis. For this reason, we don’t outsource our data collection efforts.

Our in-house data collection team specializes in talking to residents and family members just like yours, ensuring that you get valid and reliable results. Our associates have spent thousands of hours on the phone with older adults, cementing them as experts in engaging with seniors.

Curiosity is at the heart of what we do.

Thanks to our benchmark, our researchers have the ability to examine trends that others cannot. We regularly propose questions to our team, using our data to gain new understandings. Many times the results are expected; sometimes times they are not. But every question that we ask makes us more knowledgeable. We are proud to share the knowledge that we’ve gained, because we know the value and power these findings have to create a better, brighter future where successful again and cultures of engagement are valued.

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